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Cooking Demo Fees

Cooking Demonstration Requirements

If you are interested in booking a cooking demonstration date, please consider the following when making your decision. You will need to organize properly to assure that everything runs smoothly. You will be responsible for all preparations and costs incurred. Here is a detailed list of what is needed and what you will be responsible for.

  1. All expenses including: food, securing location for demo, advertising costs and promotion, etc.
  2. Selecting possible recipes from one of our cookbooks, with final decisions mutually decided upon by both parties.
  3. Organize a team that will divide responsibilities which will include: shopping for groceries, making the samples, setting up trays for each recipe that will be used in the demo, all food prep, and clean up.
  4. All promotion, printing of fliers, posters, radio or television spots. Our graphic designer, Chrystique Neibauer will custom design all promotional material – free of charge.
**Brenda will be responsible for actual demonstration only . . . and greeting and consulting with guests. It is up to each individual party that is hosting the cooking demos whether or not to charge a fee for the cooking demo and if so, how much that fee would be. All fees collected would go to the hosting organization, and not to the Micheff Sisters. The demonstration fee for the Micheff Sisters is a flat rate of $500.00 per day. This fee is the same if one or all three of the Micheff Sisters are booked. Also included in the costs: all travel expenses such as airfare and travel, food and lodging.